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Massage By Marty

Marty Johnson. RMT

Massage Therapist/ Owner/ Public Relations/ Costumer Service Representative/ Marketing rep.

It's like I'm one of those Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Actor over achievers....haha.  All it means is that if you call in, you will talk to me.  If you write a note while booking in, I'm the one that sees it.  If you notice one of my adds has a spelling mistake, yes, you guessed it... I'm the one to blame.

I have been massaging for many years now.  Graduated from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 1999. I have worked out of many different venues for doing massage.  From a Spa to a Therapeutic clinic, I've had treatment experience with almost everything you can think of that deals with muscles.  Of course with your typical aches and pains like strains, tendonitis, headaches, whiplash to list a very few, but also with different conditions.  Such as: Pregnancy, arthritis, osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, MS, Frozen Shoulder,  ligament sprains, chronic pain, Degenerative Disc, Neurological syndromes, and many more. 

My main focus when I do a massage is very simple, loosen what shouldn't be tight.  That sounds simple would think.  But to keep it loose is a tricky task.  Your body builds tension when a muscle works, based on how much you use it.  There are often patterns of muscle tension in your body that keep coming back due to: your posture, repetitive things you do during the day, stress.  Also from an injury as well as your body compensating for that injury, preventing you from being in pain all the time and re-injuring it.  Your body works constantly.  Figuring out what is causing specific muscles to continually stay tight is what I love to do.  There can be patterns of tension in your body that give me an indication of what is happening.  It is these patterns that I feel for. 
"What does this feel like for you," you might wonder?  You won't feel it, or at least if I'm doing my job properly, it will feel like a massage. It doesn't need to be painful, for me to figure this out.  I can feel the tension even if you are relaxed enough to fall asleep.  Together we can figure out what is causing a pattern based on your job or activities you do during the day, or night. Once we figure out what is causing your continual tension.  Then I can REALLY help you.  That is the type of massage therapist I want to be, and have strived to be for all these years. Welcome inside my head.


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