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Massage By Marty

Having a positive effect is one of the most precious acts one person can do for another.

Tracy Peterson
I have been going to Marty for about 5 years. Before I went to Marty I had tried at least 4 other massage therapists. Marty was able to help me figure out why I was getting headaches all of the time. Marty not only gave me the massages to help with my headaches, but he took the time to find stretches and recommend changes I should take to get rid of the headaches for good. Marty is an awesome therapist and makes you feel comfortable with his great personality.

Rhonda Radench recommends Massage by Marty

Collette Simpson 
I love to run high mileage which causes problems with my fascia. The fascia release therapy, Marty provides, has increased my flexibility and helped me maintain my running regime. Marty is very knowledgeable and communicates his understanding well. He is a gifted professional healer. 

Ashley Holowaychuk 
Marty is a great masseuse and very friendly and has a very nice set-up. He makes everything very comfortable and relaxing! I recommend him to all of my friends. :)

Lori Ann Walsh
Marty is the best massage therapist, ANYWHERE! Skilled, friendly, professional.

Katie Neufeld

The view was breathtaking, chatting with you was an easy and enjoyable distraction from my emotions at the time (so thankful for that), and the massage...the massage was heavenly.
 A better than perfect reward for me!