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Massage By Marty

Ligament Treatments

Ligament injury and you.

 You may have had a sprain at some point in your life. If it is severe enough it will usually be a painful experience for a few days and then the pain dissipates. Some may be mild enough that you feel the sprain but it doesn't result in enough pain for you to worry about. It is possible to have scar tissue build up from a ligament injury and you don't even know it.  Usually what you will feel in this case, is the chronic ache and stiffness in an area of your body. Often it is an area that keeps getting re-injuring.  As years pass, it seems easier and easier to injure the area.  That is a good indication that there might be reason to get your ligaments assessed and treated. Yes, your ligaments can get treated too. Many have heard of surgeries like ACL or MCL Repair for knees.  In very severe cases surgery is needed. There is also a specialized treatment called Prolotherapy which is a series of injections into the ligament(s).  What I do is a specialized technique that doesn't involve such an invasive treatment protocol.  It is a form of massage and shouldn't be painful. I have helped many people with chronic pain in their backs with this treatment. Some that have been dealing with the discomfort for years, even decades needlessly.  Each treatment protocol is customized specific for your injury(s).

How do ligaments effect you if the have been injured?                                                         

Ligaments are a very strong band or rope of fibers that allow your joints to move. Like rope they can hold strong yet you can still bend and twist them.  In most mild to moderate ligament sprains.  The body heals a ligament by creating scar tissue to bind the portion of torn ends of the ligament fibers together.  Creating the strength that it needs to support your joint again. Except, the scar tissue creates a hard spot in the ligaments, preventing it from moving properly. Similar to the uncooked portion of spaghetti that doesn't get covered in oil.  The ends move but there is a hard ball were all the spaghetti strands are glued together.  It is the same type of occurrence that can happen in a ligament.

Did you know that the ligaments in your hips and back can get injured?

The same as an ankles sprain.  There are ligaments between any two adjacent bones in your body and any of them can get injured during a fall, maybe from sports, slip on ice, collision with a person or object, even lifting something wrong, and of course a vehicle accident.

Without treatment, the ligament heals and builds the ball of scar tissue.  The scar tissue will limiting the movement of that ligament. So the other ligaments above, below and beside get more strain put on them to allow the movement.  This can causes them to get injured as well.  It becomes a cascade of sprains in an area.